My Guru’s are the pillars of ‘Be Hypnotist’ Campaign.

The GURU’s who taught me how to live a simple, satisfied and wonderful life in any circumstances.

@Sachin Sir – My beloved Sir, a world famous HYPNOTIST has transformed many lives which has very POSITIVE impact on Society. My AURA has become very ENERGETIC and POWERFUL!!!

@Prof. Preeti Madam – By profession she is a Professor at Ruparel College, Mumbai. She has conducted various free Yoga and NLP seminars. She has taught me the importance of Meditation in our LIFE.

@Dr. Sanjay Shetye – He is an Educator, Clinical Psychologist, Naturopathist, Yoga Trainer, Successful Entrepreneur. He taught me how to be in peace of mind in any situation. He has helped me to activate my Seven Chakras.

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